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Take bookings online with the PADI Adventures widget

Easy online reservations for you and your customers.

Sell more and save time.

As part of PADI’s efforts to assist its members in maximizing their sales opportunities, we just unveiled a new digital tool aimed at uplifting dive store owners as the industry moves into the next phase of tourism. The Adventures booking widget allows dive shops to turn their website into e-commerce in less than ten minutes, providing:

a seamless online booking experience not only for beginner and experienced divers but also for non-divers
easy access to content management features

The PADI Adventures widget accelerates the digital transformation and supports Retail and Resort members in digitizing their services with easy-to-implement steps.

Post-pandemic booking needs are addressed by the Adventures Booking Widget

A recent audit of PADI dive centers’ individual websites has shown that approximately 65% of members surveyed worldwide do NOT offer adequate e-commerce capabilities. This results in potential and existing customers either having to find alternative and time-consuming ways to finalize their bookings and retrieve pre-booking information or -more worryingly- losing interest and patience, and subsequently diverting towards different outdoor activities.

Especially since 2020, there has been an acceleration in the adoption of technology among businesses. The trend is a clear answer to the consumer market’s preference to buy online, in a few clicks and anywhere, whatever it is needed at a given time. Be it a sandwich for a quick bite, an e-scooter for a short ride, or a fun dive and a diving course.

The direct booking solution powered by PADI

The PADI Adventures widget is an easy self-service, full-fledged reservations system on the same scale as other digital booking tools which are abundantly available to non-diving-related outdoor activities suppliers, such as kayaking tour operators, golf clubs, or windsurfing schools, for example.

A win-win solution for both customers and members

The PADI Adventures widget is an additional PADI member benefit adding to the enhanced booking capability, which is one of the core features offered by the new Dive Shop Locator.

What’s in it for customers?

The user-friendly experience that the widget offers makes it easy and attractive for customers to book with PADI members. Via appealing and conversion-optimized product pages rich with booking-relevant information, customers can quickly complete a booking online.

What’s in it for PADI Retail and Resort members?

Make your website e-commerce capable in less than ten minutes and take bookings confirmed by credit card payments 24/7
Have contact information of committed customers, should you need to reach out to them before they check-in
Reduce the workload related to pre and post-booking arrangements via email
Customize which products you display in the widget including specific combinations you may wish to showcase (eg.: only beginner courses; a combination of fun dives and continued education courses etc.). 
Ultimately enjoy more business for your shop

Learn How to Take Advantage of the PADI Adventures widget

With the roll-out of the Adventures widget along with the other booking management features available through the new DSL, the PADI Adventures app and the PADI Travel website, PADI offers the customer and its PRRA members an ecosystem where underwater and snorkeling activities become daily adventures, just one click away.

If your website has no online booking capabilities yet or if you are not happy with your current solution, now is the time to upgrade your customers’ experience with the PADI Adventures widget, along with full information specific to each service you wish to sell on your website. 

Log in to the Extranet using your PADI SSO, select the Widget option from the dropdown menu and follow the step-by-step procedure. The PADI Extranet is also accessible via the Pros’ Site.
Copy and Paste the code onto your website. If you are unable to do it, please contact your Webmaster. It will only take a couple of minutes to be able to receive bookings online.
Easily create sellable products and manage your listings autonomously, via the Extranet.

Payments and payouts

PADI collects the payment for bookings completed via the widget on members’ behalf.
For bookings via the Adventures widget, members will only be charged a Service Charge on the total booking value. This is a small amount needed to cover operational expenses such as credit card and wiring fees, making it an ideal cost/quality ratio solution when compared to standard non-diving booking engines available in the market, or to building your own e-commerce website.

If you would like more detailed information, and if you need assistance in setting up your store’s bookable products please contact your Regional team. You can also review the new PADI Adventures FAQs here or send an email to

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