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Why You Should Halloween-ize Your Bookable Activities on PADI Adventures

What better time to add some themed Adventures at your dive shop to the PADI Adventures Booking Platform than for Halloween? To get customers in the mood, you can add your Halloween-themed dives, courses, and more in just a few easy steps. Remember that non-divers can also get involved, so you may want to cater to those who would enjoy snorkelling trips or newbie divers interested in DSDs, too.

How to Add a Halloween Twist?

Any diving activity can be Halloween-ified with a few simple twists. Firstly, you can adjust the name to suit the event. Such as inviting newbie divers to “face their fears this Halloween” and complete a Discover Scuba Diving course! This is a excellent way involve non-divers who may be travelling with friends who are already certified. Plus, land-based dress-up competitions can always take place before dives; check out these Scuba Themed Halloween Costume Ideas!

For certified divers, entice them with spooky dive sites, like canyons and, if you’re lucky to be based near one, blue holes! We certainly feel like night dives are particularly perfect for this holiday, too, so add a relevant word to your PADI Adventure title like “Spooktacular” or “Haunting” and get selling!

To get you started, here are a few ideas for Halloween-themed Adventures:

“Spooky-Not-Spooky Bali Reef by Night” 
“Halloween-Themed Drift Dive Adventure”
“Spooktacular 1 Tank Manta Experience”
“Spooky Halloween Dress-Up Night Dive”
“Haunting Halloween Wreck Dive”
“Fight Your Fears and Learn to Scuba Dive”
”Dressed-Up Half Day Diving trip”
“Spooky Snorkelling Half-Day Adventure”
“Zombie Apocalypse Course”
“Underwater Pumpkin Carving”

How to Get Started with PADI Adventures

Firstly, you need to access the PADI Travel Extranet by using your credentials. The Extranet is where you create your activity listings and manage your bookings. Please note that you must complete all the details related to your dive centre on the Extranet to participate in the PADI Adventures program and receive payouts. 
Once your shop details are updated, you may start uploading your activities by following the self-explanatory process on the Extranet.

Get Spooky!

Now the bases are covered, it’s time to get your Adventures up and running. Although Halloween is a little while away, adding Adventures in advance can help customers plan their holiday now and aids your PADI Dive Center or Resort by getting bookings right away.

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