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PADI Spotlights Wellness and Mental Health in Live Unfiltered Campaign

In October, to coincide with mental health awareness month, the PADI® Live UnfilteredTM campaign is turning its focus to diving’s positive effect on mental health and wellness. As an important topic for the younger generation, focusing on wellness will support the primary goal of the Live Unfiltered campaign: new diver acquisition. Consequentially, sharing stories on the positive effects of diving on mental health may fill the pipeline for scuba instruction, dive travel, equipment sales, and events. 

Recognizing that industry growth is critical for dive businesses and professionals, we are reframing how we discuss learning to dive in October, encouraging divers to get their PADI and experience the scientifically proven health benefits of diving and being in the water. This off-shoot of our bold new marketing campaign aims to reach beyond our usual audience to fuel a desire for diving among everyone who wants an escape from daily stresses and anxieties.

Attracting The Overstimulated and Unhappy to Diving

Mindfulness and goal achievement are two of the many aspects of diving that have positive impacts on mental health. Additionally, research has shown that proximity to water increases the levels of certain ‘feel-good’ hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin within the human brain. Unfortunately, rates of depression and anxiety grew among both adults and adolescents following the spread of COVID-19. And young people are taking notice, talking about it, and taking action. 

Wellness Unfiltered

Our Live Unfiltered push in October, which will use the term ‘Wellness Unfiltered,’ will increase PADI scuba diving’s visibility in new markets on mental health through highly relevant topics to today’s youth. We’ll primarily target audiences between 19 and 26 years old, and the campaign will continue to encourage people to ‘GET YOUR PADI’ to feel the mental benefits that come with scuba diving. In addition, we plan to share our membership’s collective positive diving experiences to stimulate interest and encourage time underwater for all. Inspirational stories about diving’s positive effect on mental health will reveal how becoming a diver can help us be more balanced and well.

For example, we’ll highlight stories about diving, gratitude, and mindfulness. Like AmbassaDiver Megan Hassa, who shares how she finds diving helps her stay present and happy:

“The first time I went diving, I remember slipping beneath the water and just hovering above the ocean floor. There I felt a stillness. Diving into another world allowed me to disconnect from the reality above. For me, being beneath the surface and just listening to the sounds of the ocean is therapeutic. It’s a place where I can clear my mind and be fully present in nature. When I dive, I leave my life and worries at the surface. Struggling with depression, these moments of stillness keep my soul happy. They remind me how beautiful our planet truly is and how grateful I am to be alive.”

A New Lens for New Divers

Working closely with global and regional PADI staff, this campaign is executed globally with regional customization to ensure relevance among local audiences. The spotlight on wellness hopes to create a movement of new divers ready to invest in their well-being by learning to scuba dive and freedive – achieving goals, getting outside, and connecting with others.

PADI Members Can Help Put a Spotlight on Wellness & Live Unfiltered

This campaign is designed to apply to all facets of new diver acquisition, including at the local dive shop level. There are so many ways you can use this campaign to your benefit.

Leverage the Live Unfiltered Campaign Assets

A new Diver Acquisition Marketing Toolkit featuring Unfiltered campaign assets is now available in the new PADI Marketing Hub at the PADI Pros’ Site. Currently available in English, German, Spanish (Latin America) and Thai, additional toolkit languages and more wellness content will be added as we get closer to October.

Contact your PADI Regional Marketing Team for more information regarding the toolkit.

Share on Social

If you have any stories about how diving has positively impacted your mental health, share them on social media using #LiveUnfiltered to help raise awareness of the importance of our mental health and diving’s impact on wellness.

We know so many scuba divers dive because of the peace, the stillness, or the mindfulness. Share your story or the stories of the divers you train (with permission) on your social accounts. Be sure to tag PADI so we can get inspired, too.

No story is too big or too small. Being open about mental health is a big step that can inspire others to take action.

Stay tuned for more information and updates about this new and exciting campaign!

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