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Red Sea Marine Life Book Released

Andrey Ryanskiy has published the latest of his range of Marine Life Guides. The latest edition covers the geographic Red Sea and offers 2900 color images of over 2100 species, including fish, crustaceans, corals, and mollusks. It also offers basic information about each species and a pictorial index.

It is available now as a cross-platform eBook, a print edition on Amazon, or via the Apple Book Store from use on iPhones and iPads.

Press release

Red Sea Marine LIfe Book release

Reef ID Books is delighted to announce the launching of the Red Sea Marine Life photo guide by Andrey Ryanskiy.

The book covers the region from Aqaba and Eilat to Farasan Islands, South Sudan, and Eritrea. Inside the Red Sea Marine Life book:

2900 full-color photographs of 2100+ species, including 810+ fish species, 250 corals, and relatives. Nearly 350 species of nudibranchs and sea slugs.
New species of fish, nudibranchs, sea slugs, and other invertebrates were discovered by the author during the work of this book.

Several well-known Western Pacific species have been recorded for the first time in the Red Sea.
Live photos of hundreds of species have never before appeared in field guides or popular books.
Red Sea Marine Life fills a gap in the general public’s understanding of Red Sea marine life in the two decades since the previous guides were published.
This book provides its readers with basic information about biology and taxonomy, serving as a visual guide to their identification.
Convenient pictorial guide will help readers navigate through the book.

The photo guide is available in different formats:
– As a cross-platform Ebook
– On Amazon as paperback (old-school readers)
– On the Apple store for iPad and iPhone devices. (for frequent travelers). It has an interactive menu with clickable previews and every picture can be viewed full-screen for a better reader’s experience.

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