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Shearwater Firmware V93 For Petrel 2, Perdix, Perdix AI, and Perdix 2 Is Now Available

Shearwater Firmware v93 is now available. This update is applicable to the Petrel 2, Perdix, Perdix AI, and Perdix 2.

Adds features released in Version 91 (which was only released for Petrel 3 and Perdix 2) to legacy products, where hardware allows. See Version 91 release notes for details.

This release also includes new features, improvements, and fixes. This v93 update is recommended for all users using Shearwater Petrel 2, Perdix, Perdix AI, and Perdix 2 computers.


Version 93 includes the following changes:

Perdix/Perdix AI/Petrel 2 –  adds optional “MINI” display in the NDL area
Perdix/Perdix AI/Petrel 2 –  After decompressions clears, the NDL display does not revert to NDL until NDL falls below 99 minutes
Perdix/Perdix AI/Petrel 2 –  The stack timer can now be added to mini display configurations
Petrel 2 only – Adds the PPO2 Calibration History feature


You can read the complete Release Notes here: Petrel 2, Perdix, Perdix AI, and Perdix 2 Release Notes v93

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