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‘Why We Dive’, a message from PADI CEO Drew Richardson

PADI President and CEO Drew Richardson shares a message of hope and optimism for the global PADI Membership.

In this post-pandemic world, providing evidence on how and why the dive industry remains resilient and continues to show signs of growth and recovery, testament to the ability of PADI Members to adapt and lead in times of change.

PADI turns 56 this year. During this time, PADI Members have made PADI the largest diver training organization on the planet. Your leadership and initiative are critical to delivering the brand values across the PADI Pillars of Change.

By harnessing the power of the PADI brand as a force for good that connects people, together we foster an engaged and resilient global community of divers. PADI has always been proud of our deeper purpose and the role we play in making the world a better place.

As a PADI Member, you make a difference every day. YOU have the power and influence to inspire possibilities and create life-changing opportunities for countless people, a truly empowering and honorable purpose behind why we dive.

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