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Mantis Announces Housing for Insta360 One RS

Mantis has opened pre-orders for their RS360 housing for the Insta360 One RS 360° video and still camera. The metal housing has a depth rating of 250m (820ft) with a 4” dome and an M6 bulkhead for off-board power or remote connection.

The Mantis RS36O will be shipping in late January 2023 with a pre-order price of $1,530.

Mantis RS360 dive housing for Insta360 One RS 1-inch 360 Edition

Sale Price:US$1,530.00 Original Price:US$1,680.00

Pre-order now at $150 off, ships ~20 Jan 2023!

The Insta360 ONE RS 1-inch 360 Edition raises the bar for 360 video and photography quality. With the RS360 housing you can now take it as deep as 250m / 820ft underwater.

Enjoy effortless stitching, battery-saving one-button control for underwater on/off, and a bulkhead port compatible with Blue Robotics M6 penetrators.

This combination is small and powerful and ideally suited for diving, ROV use, asset inspection, and scientific habitat monitoring.


Utilises increased low-light capability and dynamic range of the large dual 1-inch sensors.
Much smaller nadir obstruction than polycarbonate housings due to clam shell design.
Direct contact with metal housing provides significantly increased heat dissipation.
Much improved environmental protection due to stronger materials and hard coating.
Domes and o-rings can be replaced and housing is fully serviceable by the user.

Take stunning 360 underwater 6K video and 21MP stills with the Insta360 ONE RS 1-inch 360 Edition. The dual large 1-inch sensors and Leica lenses offer the extra low-light capability and dynamic range. Our specially designed clamshell housing is the only housing for this camera. The large 4” domes provide clean zenith and effortless stitching with the standard Insta360 Studio Application. A M6 bulkhead port allows for off-board power or remote connection via USB-C connection.

This makes the RS360 housing extremely easy to use and very versatile. Be it leisure, exploration diving, ROV operations, asset inspection, or scientific discovery and habitat monitoring – the RS360 housing and Insta360 RS 1-inch 260 Edition are your reliable companions that capture all the action around you without getting in the way or being distracting.

Sample showing clean stitch and zenith.


We had planned to ship this housing before Christmas. And while we were on track with the first prototypes, after taking it diving we decided to add another iteration and add further improvements that we thought you would appreciate. For example the top mounts and bulkhead port for external power, which weren’t part of the original product design. This added a few months to the delivery schedule and pushed the first batch to until after Christmas. But it didn’t feel right to wait any longer with the announcement. The second batch is likely to hit shelves later in April.


Clean zenith
Effortless stitching with the Insta360 Studio Apps
Rated to 250m / 820ft depth (tested to 295m / 967ft).
Underwater on/off with auto-start.
User serviceable
M6 bulkhead port


Material: Aluminum alloy hard anodized
Depth Rating: 250m / 820 feet
Domes: 4” Acrylic
Dimensions: 190mm x 124mm x 124mm / 7.5” x 4.9” x 4.9”
Weight housing only: 850gr / 30oz
Weight with camera: 1080gr / 38oz
Top mount points: 2x M4
Bottom mount points: 4x 1/4-20 UNC
Bulkhead: M6x1mm


Yes: Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition (recommended)
Yes: Insta360 ONE RS + Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Lens Upgrade Bundle (recommended)
Yes: Insta360 ONE R + Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Lens Upgrade Bundle (stabilisation not as good as ONE RS)
Not compatible: Insta360 ONE X, X2, X3


Sensor: Dual 1-inch
Aperture: F2.2
Focal length: 6.52 (35mm equivalent)
Photo resolution: 6528×3264 (2:1)
Video resolutions: 5888×2944@30fps, 6144×3072@25/24fps, 3840×1920@30/25/24fps, 3040×1520@50fps
Photo modes: Standard, HDR, Interval, Starlapse, Burst, PureShot
Video modes: Standard Video, Timelapse, TimeShift, Loop Recording
Color profiles: Standard, Vivid, LOG
ISO range: 100-3200
Max video bitrate: 120Mbps (about 1GB per minute)
White balance: 2000K-10000K
Gyroscope: 6-axis
Run time: 62 minutes
USB connector: Type-C
Memory card: microSD Speed class V30, up to 1TB
Charging time: 90 minutes
Weight: 239g


2x domes, mounted
2x Anodes, installed
1x M6 port plug, installed
1x Neoprene hood (dome cover)
1x Soft camera case
1x O-ring kit (spares for domes, housing, button)
1x O-ring grease
1x Hex key for dome screws (2.5mm)


Camera, memory cards
Underwater USB-C connector


Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition (free selfie stick with this link)
Insta360 ONE RS Vertical Battery Base (spare)
Blue Robotics M6 Cable Penetrator
Cinebags CB74 dome port case


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