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PSS Joins RSTC US Council

By unanimous vote, the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) US Board of Directors welcomes Professional Scuba Schools (PSS) as an associate member. PSS will join IANTD, NASE, NAUI, PADI, PDIC, RAID, SDI, SNSI, and SSI as members of the RSTC US Council.

“We are excited and honored to join RSTC US,” said Stefano Ruia, Director of International Training and Business Development.  “As we continue to become more recognized in North America, it is important that we show our commitment to the safety standards established by RSTC.” The RSTC US Council is pleased to have PSS as part of the council, expanding the membership means more positive impact for the SCUBA diving industry.

RSTC minimum scuba training standards are recognized as the global industry standard. New members are assessed to ensure compliance with RSTC standards. Members must make an ongoing commitment to ensure compliance with RSTC standards.

Scuba training organizations interested in applying for membership with the RSTC may download membership information at

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