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Straight Talk from PADI CEO: Who will make a difference in the diving world if you don’t?

Mainstream media would have us believe that everything is broken. Makes sense – negative noise draws a big audience, and that’s the media’s business. While not surprising, it generates a world view that discourages and polarizes us, distorting our perspective. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, making us wonder if there’s even any point in trying to make things better. A constant cycle of disheartening news not only alters our perception of the world, but along with the negative effects of our bodies reacting to adrenaline and cortisol can cause us to view the world with a sense of cynicism and hopelessness. Being anxious and agitated all the time is not physically or psychologically healthy.

To escape this cycle a simple, yet powerful self-help realization is at our fingertips. Realize that while all things can break, most things can also be mended with intention and constructive actions. History shows that while no one person can change everything, individuals dedicated to solving a specific problem can constructively address big problems. If we decide to look at what we can do to mend things within the controls of our life, and we take constructive action, we can find hope.

There is clear guidance within PADI’s three Pillars of Change. By taking constructive action, good things evolve. We can choose to take a little part of our world, rearrange, control, and constructively change it through our actions and decisions. The point is this: If you try to make a constructive difference, so much can be improved.

Looking for ideas on what you can do to take constructive action within the PADI Pillars? Consider putting some of these suggestions into action wherever you are in the world.

Pillar 1 – Ocean Conservation

What can you do? Understand and engage in the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action, with conversation targets across five key areas aimed at increasing total ocean protection to 30 percent by 2030. Become an Ocean Torchbearer, embrace local conservation – protecting marine species, increasing blue carbon habitats, conducting Dive Against Debris events, and helping establish MPAs (Marine Protected Areas). Apply for a PADI AWARE Foundation Community Grant to support what you’re doing. Multiplied by the thousands of PADI dive shops and hundreds of thousands of PADI Pros and Divers doing this locally, the result is worldwide change. In short, empower yourself to take local conservation action for global impact.

Pillar 2 – Dive Industry Sustainability

What can you do to support this pillar? Reduce and offset your carbon footprint and that of the dive industry through the type and quantity of energy you consume, the food you source and what you eat. Engage in sea grass, mangrove, salt marsh and estuary restoration projects. Increase the amount of what you recycle and compost, and reduce what you extract from the sea. Apply and qualify to become a PADI Eco Center. If you qualify, you are recognized as a dive operator who is leading the dive industry in ocean conservation and sustainability in your location and business operation.

Pillar 3 – Foster cultural diversity and inclusion in the dive industry and support local communities

What can you do to support this pillar? Consider implementing Adaptive Services. How about advancing cultural diversity and inclusion in your circles? Expand on offering young people and family diving. Promote diving’s health and wellness benefits, and support local underserved communities in your area. Help to close the gender gap in your training and excursions.

Who Cares?

I’m going to assume that you, like me, prefer not to leave it to someone else to be the one who cares. If this is how you see it as well, then the PADI Pillars show us that the cost of being people who make a difference is relatively low, but the results of our collective actions can be high. Widespread local actions by 128,000 PADI Pros, 6,600 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts leading 29,000,000 certified PADI Divers is a force for good that will scale to make a global difference. It all starts with you choosing to personalize making a difference through your positivity, choices and constructive actions where you are.

Seek adventure. Save the ocean.

Drew Richardson
PADI CEO and President

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