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Discover Mares gas integrated computers!

Discover the key benefits of our gas integrated dive computers: the Quad Air, Genius and Sirius…

Real-time gas monitoring for up-to-date information on remaining gas supply, allowing divers to plan dives accordingly. This feature enhances safety by preventing gas depletion and potential emergencies. Gas monitoring includes:

TTR: Time To Reserve – The time that a diver can spend at the current depth before reaching the tank reserve.
TTS: Time To Surface – The time it takes to perform the ascent from your current depth to the surface in a decompression dive, including all decompression stops and assuming an ascent rate of 10m/min or 33ft/min.
TTS @+X – The overall ascent time inclusive of all decompression stops if the dive is extended by X minutes at the current depth.

 Simplified display information with essential dive data consolidated into one device. Divers are provided with instant access to crucial data like depth, time, ascent rate and gas pressure for enhanced dive management and awareness.

Data logging and analysis allows the diver to review and analyze your dives, including depth profiles, gas consumption and decompression information in order to track your progress, identify patterns and make informed decisions for future dives.

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