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New MySSI App Features


1. MySSI App Feature: Copy Existing Dives

It is common to dive the same site several times, whether you are on vacation or diving locally. Starting mid-November, SSI is launching a new feature to help you save time when entering your dives in your SSI digital logbook. It will now be possible to copy existing logged dives into your new dives, only needing to change the time and depth.

Here is how it works:

  • Tapping on any Dive in the Logbook will open the Sub-menu of that dive.
  • A new tab will appear called “Copy Dive.”
  • Select this to copy the dive with a new dive number. All previous data, except depth and time, will appear but with a new dive number.

2. MySSI App Feature: QR Code All-in-One Function

With the all-in-one tool, you will no longer need to visit different app areas to find or scan the various QR codes. The Universal QR Code Scanner now integrates the scanning feature with your personal QR code, all on one page.

Where can you find the Universal QR Code Scanner?

  • Visit the menu and click on the QR code icon in the lower-left corner
  • Here you can scan QR Codes or tap on your QR Code to enlarge it for use, like giving it to your buddy to share your data

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New MySSI App Feature: Copy Existing divesNew MySSI App Feature: Qr Code All-in-One Tool

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