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Best Foot Forward: How Having a Separate EFR Platform Can Boost Business 

Creating a website for your EFR® business has never been easier. Your EFR website is the digital shop window to your business and should not be underestimated as a marketing tool.

In this digital age, you likely use social media and have regular contact with your customers, but are you showcasing all that you offer and allowing potential customers to find you online? Whether teaching EFR courses is your main business or one offering under a larger business, having a dedicated online space has significant benefits. Creating a separate, simple, EFR website that talks to those who wish to explore the range of first-aid courses that you offer can be quick, easy and inexpensive if you know how.

Choosing a Hosting Site

There are many website builders that you can explore, such as, squarespace or 1and1. Using one of these sites allows you to create a website in as little as an hour thanks to pre-loaded templates you can use without technical know-how. Each offers slightly different features, so it’s worth researching what suits your needs best. Most sites offer free-forever plans, a free trial period, or a money-back guarantee so you can test the waters before jumping in.

Beyond the features, it is also important to check the cost involved, both in the short and longer term. You don’t want to get sucked in by a great introductory offer only to face a massive price hike in year two.

Presenting Your EFR Business as a Professional Entity 

The first step is choosing a suitable template, being mindful of how much customization you are permitted and want. Here are a few quick ideas to market your EFR courses more effectively:

Create a unique website and email address. Pay attention to your SEO (search engine optimization) by using Google’s top-hit words.
The website should inform potential customers of your EFR programs and course calendar. Include a blog with articles and participant testimonials. Showcase photos and videos of people enjoying their training and display the EFR logo prominently. 
A social media presence, perhaps LinkedIn and Facebook, can help to drive people to your EFR website.
Designate a staff member to be your contact for more information. 

A separate EFR platform gives your business increased visibility and credibility, showing potential customers that you are a professional first-business that delivers a robust first-aid program. Attention to detail in creating personalized messages will allow your students to feel that they are enrolling in a course suitable for their needs.

Create an EFR website and increase your business outreach today. For help, use the the EFR Marketing Toolkit found on the EFR Instructor Site, accessed through direct login for EFR-only members; EFR Instructors can log in via the PADI® Pros’ site.

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