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Become Certified To Visually Inspect Cylinders With This One Day Online Course


A ONE DAY virtual course where, upon completion, you will be certified to visually inspect cylinders for the next three years. This program includes a visual inspection of all types of cylinders; aluminum, steel, and composite, as well as training in valves, oxygen cleaning and compressors. The class focuses on hands-on training as well as lecture.

For the first time, Cylinder Training Services will be providing its Cylinder Visual Inspection program using an on-line format.

Reserve Your Place for 14th November 2020 Today

We want to THANK YOU for signing up for our program. We know you will gain knowledge whether you are a seasoned visual inspector, or this is your first visual inspection training.  

If you have taken this course or a similar course in the past, and this is a refresh, please contact us for a coupon for a lower rate.

Learn more and reserve your place at:

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