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Anchor Dive Lights Works Towards More Sustainable Scuba Diving

Anchor Dive Lights

As a well-known manufacturer of high quality dive torches from Ireland, Anchor Dive Lights wants to contribute further to cleaner oceans and more sustainable scuba diving.

Anchor Dive Lights

Anchor Dive Lights has already reduced its (carbon) footprint by minimizing plastic waste and using sustainable ways of manufacturing and distribution. We still feel this isn’t good enough: how can a business, aiming at selling new products, contribute to cleaner oceans?

As a family business, they decided to use the COVID-19 lock-down to evaluate and redefine their business model. As a result they developed the Anchor Dive Lights Trade-in Program, because used torches, batteries and canisters have a relatively high contribution to chemical waste.

Anchor Dive Lights are very excited to launch their new Trade-in Program – send them your old dive torch (even if it’s not working) and they will trade it in for a new Anchor model.

Alternately, they will fully refurbish and repair any older Anchor model. The Anchor Dive Lights Trade-in Program encourages divers to trade-in any brand of used torch. These used torches will be recycled in the most sustainable and appropriate way.

This program also allows divers to trade-in their existing Anchor Dive Light for a newer version from their extensive range. In keeping with their sustainability policy and in order to minimize waste, any old Anchor models that are returned, will be fully overhauled, refurbished and sold as ‘Anchor Used Approved’ complete with a 2 year warranty.

Learn more and trade in at:

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