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Don’t chuck your old dive-light


Don’t chuck your old dive-light

Anchor Audacious lights can have good residual value. (Picture: Anchor Dive Lights)

A new exchange and recycling service for divers’ used torches is on offer from Anchor Dive Lights, which says it wants to boost its contribution to cleaner oceans and more sustainable scuba diving.

Based in Letterkenny, Donegal in Ireland, the family business says it had already reduced its carbon footprint by minimising plastic waste and adopting sustainable ways of manufacturing and distribution, but decided to use the Covid-19 lockdown period to re-evaluate its business model.

Because used torches, batteries and canisters are relatively high contributors to chemical waste, the company decided to launch the Anchor Dive Lights Trade-in Programme,

Divers can send in an old dive torch of any brand, even one that no longer works, and trade it in for a new Anchor light. They are given credit towards their next purchase – 50 euros in the case of a non-Anchor dive-light and anything up to 295 euros for certain Anchor models in good condition.

11 November 2020

The used non-Anchor torches will be recycled “in the most sustainable and appropriate way”, says the company. Old Anchor torches will be fully overhauled, refurbished and sold as “Anchor Used Approved” models, complete with a two-year warranty.

“No matter the model or condition, we can turn it into something good for you, and good for the planet,” promises Anchor Dive Lights.

Details of its trade-in programme can be found here.

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