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New online seminar: Inert gas exchange, bubbles and decompression theory

DAN is making its mission possible to spread diving safety knowledge by allowing all divers to participate in specialised online seminars, developed by dive medical professionals. After the launch of the first seminar “Ears and Diving“, a second seminar is now available on “inert gas exchange, bubbles and decompression theory“. New seminars will progressively be made available.

All divers face the possibility of decompression sickness (DCS), however slight the probability might be. It is curious how such a potentially devastating injury could be related to the mysterious workings of biology, but understanding these mysteries is a key to ensuring that DCS risk remains at an acceptable level.

The new online seminar addresses some of the fundamental principles that govern inert gas exchange between the environment and tissue, and in particular, the profound effects that bubble formation can have on inert gas exchange. These ideas are placed in a historical context to show how decompression theory has evolved and how this has affected DCS severity.

This unique opportunity is made available to the whole diving public. However, only active DAN members have access to them free of charge, as part of their membership benefits. Non-members can also participate in seminars by purchasing them (20€ each).

How it works

  • DAN Members with current membership have FREE access to the online seminars on their MyDAN area, where they also find the access codes (PIN). There they are redirected to the online Educational Platform where, after login, they get access to the seminar pages.
  • Non-Members and Past-Members can access seminars by purchasing the respective access codes at the DAN Shop (Non-Members section). After the purchase, they receive an e-mail with the PIN code and are linked to the online Educational Platform where, after login, they are allowed to enter the seminar page

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