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FREE December DIVER magazine out now!


FREE December DIVER magazine out now!

TO ENSURE prompt delivery of DIVER Magazine during the continuing period of coronavirus disruption a special FREE digital version of the DECEMBER issue has been produced to replace the normal paper copy.

This means that:

  • Readers in the UK and around the world are able to access the magazine both in page-turning format and as a downloadable PDF immediately from publication date onwards
  • Increased time spent at home can be conveniently enjoyed with Britain’s top diving magazine – which this month features a Special 100th-anniversary Be The Champ! plus Guns in a Cornish gully, Steve Warren’s definitive guide to the modern dive-watch, Tech team find Ming pottery, Treasure Men of Bermuda, Swedish dive-trippers get lucky in UK, Exploring submerged Roman remains –  and latest diving news, gear tests, photo skills and much more.
  • DIVER Magazine subscribers are able to access the December issue as a FREE addition to their package with no reduction to their overall paper-copy entitlement.

It avoids:

  • Unnecessary trips to the High Street to buy copies of the magazine
  • Problems with limited retail availability, in particular for outlets located overseas

Get FREE digital copy of the December issue of DIVER here

Also still available – FREE November issue of DIVER, featuring:

  • Backyard Babbacombe
  • Maldives’ awesome Tiger Zoo
  • Welcome to Moray Manor!
  • How tech team found WW2 US sub
  • Diving into a hurricane
  • New Caledonia’s coral wonderland

PLUS: Diver Tests … Louise T on visibility and invisibility … Wreck revelations from Denmark to Mexico … Alex Mustard gets among the grey seals … Getting into drysuits at Portland … Benefits of dive training the slow way in UK.

Get FREE NOVEMBER DIVER in page-turning format here or as a PDF here

19 November 2020

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