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Florida is the Fifteenth State in the United States to Ban the Shark Fin Trade

Shark Finning

According to a report from Sharkwater, Florida was the epicentre of the shark fin trade. The shark fin trade ban (the Kristin Jacobs Ocean Protection Act (SB680)) was signed into law by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Shark Finning

As well as importing or exporting overseas fins from Florida, the bill forbids shipping fins across state borders. While it allows local fishermen to continue fishing while the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) studies the economic effect of the ban on local communities, conservation groups remain optimistic. There are approximately 22 Florida fishermen, in the shark fin industry in 2017 which takes in only $360,000 annually. Shark diving, on the other hand, hires 10,000 people in Florida and brings in $314 million to Florida’s company according to PADI in 2019.

Sharkwater will continue the challenge of making this a planet free of shark finning and a world free of shark’s goods. There are up to 150 million sharks being killed each year.

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Credit Notes from Sharkwater on Facebook.

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