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Video: Red Sea Reefs from 2020 G20 Summit

Red Sea reefs on Wetpixel

The recent G20 summit, held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, celebrated the Presidency’s second aim of “Safeguarding the Planet” with a documentary film about the Red Sea’s reefs shot by Sean Ruggeri and the team from OceanX. It was shot with a RED Digital Cinema Komodo, Laowa by Venus Optics 9mm T2.9 Cine and a Gates Underwater Products housing.

After 400 million years and several mass extinctions, coral reefs around the world are set to disappear in a matter of decades. But the coral reefs in the Red Sea live in hyper-warm and saline waters that are similar to what the rest of our #oceans could look like in just a few decades. What can we learn from them, and how can we apply that saving to #coralreefs worldwide? Created for the #G20 in Saudi Arabia, in service of the Presidency’s second aim of “Safeguarding the Planet..”

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