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Divers asked to share weight data


Divers asked to share weight data

Scuba divers’ weight in relation to their health is the latest topic to be researched by DDRC Healthcare as part of its long-term Health of Divers project.

The Plymouth-based diving-medicine organisation is calling on as many divers as possible to participate by completing a questionnaire and letting others know about the survey.

“Weight is currently a hot topic with regard to good health, and never more so than since the outbreak of Covid-19,” says DDRC, which holds data on weight trends among divers dating back over 30 years.

Its first anonymous study in 1999 revealed that just over a third of participating divers were either overweight or obese. By 2019 that figure had soared from 34% to 69% – an alarming statistic, although in line with national trends.

The recently released BSAC Diving Incident report for 2019 drew attention to age and potential related health and fitness issues as likely critical factors among diver fatalities, as reported on Divernet.

DDRC Healthcare says that, its research purposes apart, it hopes the survey will get divers talking and thinking about watching their weight and health.

27 November 2020

The organisation specialises in diving medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and medical training, and delivers a hyperbaric medical emergency service alongside its charitable diver-health research and education activities.

Its previous Health of Divers surveys have covered diving in relation to alcohol; asthma; cardiac, dental, mental and women’s health; decompression illness; illicit, prescription and over-the-counter drugs; ears; and flying. The reports, as well as leaflets and Powerpoint presentations, can be downloaded here.

DDRC assures divers that all information shared in its 30-point Weight & Health questionnaire is anonymous and “will be totally untraceable to you”.

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