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Cherry Street Bridge on the Move

Cherry Street Bridge

Here comes the bridge!

Only a “crazy boat nerd” get up at 4 a.m. to take a video of a bridge passing by right? “Let it be said I wasn’t the only person there”, according to Helen Cooper of Dive Brockville Adventure Centre. So here’s her video passing by Blockhouse Island, Brockville on the Cherry Street Bridge, pulled by Tug Lois M and supported by Tug Wyatt M, on its way to Toronto.

The new Cherry Street North Bridge arrived at Toronto Harbour in late November, marking a landmark for the $1.25 billion Waterfront Toronto-led Port Lands Flood Protection scheme. Before coming to Toronto’s Harbour to be built in the Port Lands, the barge carrying the bridge made its way up the St. Lawrence Seaway, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia’s bridge-builder Cherubini. The bridge builder, Cherubini, is also credited for building parts of the Confederation Bridge connecting Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. The 350-tonne, 57-meter bridge is the first of four new bridges that will link Toronto to the new Villiers Island and the revitalized Port Lands.

The Cherry St. North LRT bridge destined for Toronto's waterfront is pictured Friday at the Cherubini Bridges and Structures facility in Dartmouth, N.S.

One of the most renowned puzzle pieces fitted to Waterfront Toronto’s ambitious project to turn an industrial wasteland at the foot of the Don River into a verdant green community space meandering through the rerouted river is Cherry Street North Bridge. This arrival is the first of the family’s four bridges that link the yet to be built Villiers Island to mainland Toronto, two at Cherry Street North, one each at Cherry Street South and Commissioners Street.

The last of the four pieces is too large to travel up the St. Lawrence in one piece and will arrive in two pieces and be assembled in Toronto upon arrival.

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