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Reef ID Guide to Indo-Pacific Seashells released

Reef ID Books has released their Living Shells of the Tropical Indo-Pacific photo guide. Offering an ID to over 1500 shell species. It has ID images of 100 cowrie species and more than 120 allied cowries. Author Andrey Ryanskiy is offering the book as an eBook, via Amazon as a paper edition and Apple as an ePub. To celebrate its publication, he is offering a 20% discount on the eBook.

Press release

Reef ID Books is delighted to announce the launching of Living Shells of the Tropical Indo-Pacific photo guide by Andrey Ryanskiy.

If you interact with the ocean – diver, snorkeler, beachgoers – you definitely find in the seas, not empty shells but live mollusks. These are living shells, whose appearance is significantly different from museum specimens. This book serves as a tool for identifying such animals.

The book covers the region from the Red Sea to Hawaii, the Marshall Islands, and Guam. Inside the book:

  • Photographs of 1500+ species, including one hundred cowries (Cypraeidae) and more than one hundred twenty allied cowries (Ovulidae) of the region;
  • Live photo of hundreds of species have never before appeared in field guides or popular books;
  • Convenient pictorial guide at the beginning and index at the end of the book.

The photo guide is available in different formats:

As a cross-platform Ebook (with 20% discount)
On Amazon as paperback (old-school readers)
On the Apple store for iPad and iPhone devices. (for frequent travelers). It has an interactive menu with clickable previews, and every picture can be viewed full-screen for a better reader’s experience.

Andrey Ryanskiy is a scientific diver and expert UW photographer. He attained the highest possible diver’s certification levels (Divemaster, Adv Trimix, Full Cave) fifteen years ago. Since that time, he has traveled the world with his camera, never hit the water without it, and has logged several thousand dives.

Underwater photography, for him, is an instrument to promote education and the care of the oceans and their inhabitants.

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