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Wetpixel Live: 5 Most Watched Episodes of 2020

Wetpixel Live

Wetpixel Live is celebrating its six-monthly anniversary. Serendipitously, it was born out of a conversation between Alex Mustard and Adam Hanlon in which we were chatting about the effects we were both experiencing due to the travel restriction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now with 120 episodes, we conceived it as a series of conversations, each considering a subject of common interest, often derived from threads on the Wetpixel forum or other media. It sets out to answer frequently asked questions and to highlight new ideas, technology, and environmental issues.

Wetpixel Live lives on its own channel on YouTube, which now has over 900 subscribers and has attracted over 45,500 individual views. Each episode is also cross-posted onto Wetpixel’s Facebook Page and onto the Wetpixel forums. The episodes will always remain free to view on YouTube, but we are also offering the opportunity to purchase downloads to suit situations when internet connection may be limited.

To celebrate the six month anniversary, it is perhaps apposite to highlight the top 5 episodes (in terms of viewer numbers) produced thus far. We anticipate that these viewer numbers are likely to change over time as people discover the channel.

In number one slot is our first episode, in which we discuss our “Top 5 Tips for starting out as an Underwater Photographer”:

Number two is a our episode highlighting Alex’s gear choices:

In the number three slot is a technical discussion of the pros and cons of TTL and manual flash control:

Alex and Adam’s discussion of the types of macro close-up lenses that underwater photographers should be considering comes in at fourth place:

And our fifth place episode is a chat about the types of diffusers that are available for flash guns, what they do and when to use them:

To see more and to get answers to many of the commonly (and not so commonly) answered equations posed by underwater photographers, please browse the episodes and subscribe to Wetpixel Live.

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