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13 Top Tips for a Financially AND Environmentally Sustainable Dive Business

OK, so you want to own a sustainable dive business. But where do you even start?

Here’s some practical tips on making your dive center or resort Torchbearer ready:

  1. Take Any Action – Even the smallest change makes a difference. Don’t fall victim to apathy; none of us are perfect. Start small and trust the journey.
  2. Lead By Example – Show off your buoyancy skills, never collect marine life or wreck artefacts and expect the same high standards from those you take underwater.
  3. Don’t Reinvent The Wheel – Join forces with local conservation organisations already doing great work. Promote citizen science with your divers and avoid duplicating the financial overhead that comes with a fresh initiative.
  4. Unleash Superpowers – Involve and empower your staff to lead the Torchbearer Community and connect with locals on conservation themes.
  5. Get Everyone Involved – Organize regular clean-up activities and offer AWARE courses. Help each and every diver understand that their actions matter.
  6. Evaluate Your Impact – Switch to green energy, reduce your consumption, set up recycling bins for your waste and reuse the water from your rinse tanks for your plants.
  7. Brief Enthusiastically – Get your divers excited about the magic of each dive site and they’ll be more likely to act as stewards during the dive.
  8. Ditch Single-Use Plastic – Set up a filtered tap and offer divers store-branded reusable water bottles. Opt for compostable or reusable plates and cutlery and say goodbye to plastic-wrapped convenience snacks and sachets.
  9. Reef-Safe Sunscreen – Ecosystems are harmed significantly by the chemicals in common sunscreens. Switch to an oxybenzone and paraben-free sunscreen like those offered by Stream2Sea.
  10. Mooring Buoys – Work with your local community to prevent anchors from damaging the reef.
  11. Every Dive A Survey Dive – Each dive is an opportunity to collect vital data that will turn the dial on overfishing, pollution, climate change and more.
  12. Seagrass and Mangroves – Promote The Ocean Foundation’s Seagrass Grow Program, offer seagrass dives or set up your own mangrove nursery!
  13. Green Fins/100% AWARE – Receive recognition, promotion and additional support towards reaching your sustainability goals.

These tips have been brought to you by real PADI Dive Professionals already leading the industry in environmental best practice. They include:

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