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The Importance of EFR

Many Asian countries do not have specific workplace first-aid requirements; however, many businesses looking at international standards for their first-aid training needs. Emergency First Response® Instructors have found this an excellent opportunity to promote EFR® training given its international approval.

EFR Centres and instructors have found success in countries such as New Zealand, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia, offering the programs to international schools, businesses – hotels, restaurant chains – embassies and other high-profile entities such as those within the tourism industry that look to offer a high standard of safety to their employees and visitors.

The modular approach for delivering EFR courses allows EFR Instructors to divide the content to suit local needs and requirements. For example, marketing AED and Care for Children courses to meet specific requirements and adapting the EFR scenarios to suit the local environment and workplace needs.

The option to also teach EFR distinctive specialties increases the versatility and provides more opportunities to diversify into particular market segments. A great example of this is the EFR Airborne Pathogens program, given the current global pandemic. For more information on authoring EFR distinctive programs, please contact your local EFR office.

In Australia, specific workplace regulations are in place that cover first-aid training delivery. These requirements are provided by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), and training needs to be delivered through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). PADI Asia Pacific is an RTO and EFR Instructors wishing to teach workplace first aid-accredited programs can do so by registering with PADI RTO. However, even in countries, such as Australia, that have specific workplace requirements, EFR can still be used as a stand-alone course to teach skills in the community.

The versatility and adaptability of EFR courses provide excellent opportunities for EFR Centres and instructors within Asia to promote EFR training to a wide range of local communities and international business needs.

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