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Are You Making the Most of Your EFR Marketing?

There are many resources available to Emergency First Response® Instructors to market themselves and the different EFR® courses. Whether you have recently become an EFR Instructor or have been teaching EFR courses for years, the EFR Digital Marketing Toolkit can benefit you and your EFR business. The toolkit includes bid proposal letters, statistics, presentations, flyers, course brochures, EFR logos and a good selection of online banners and imagery. If you’re not already using this business development tool, it’s time leverage these assets.

To locate the Marketing Toolkit in the EFR Instructor Site simply log in from the home page at Emergency First Response. If you are a PADI EFR Instructor you will need to log in via the EFR Page on the PADI® Pros’ Site. Once logged in to the EFR Instructor Site, you can navigate to the Tool Kit in the menu bar and from there to the Marketing Tools.


If you have questions or need help with the EFR Digital Marketing Toolkit, please contact your local EFR Office.

PADI Americas – [email protected]

PADI Asia Pacific – [email protected]

PADI EMEA – [email protected]

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