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Wetpixel Live Celebrates 150 Episodes

Wetpixel Live on Wetpixel

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon and regular contributor Alex Mustard are overjoyed to announce another milestone anniversary, with 150 episodes now available via the Wetpixel Live Channel. Heartfelt thanks to those that have joined us, our fantastic sponsors (currently Aquatica, Backscatter, Ikelite, Inon, Lembeh Resort, and Seacam), and to all our subscribers and viewers

Since our first episode (released on 28 June 2020), Wetpixel Live has had nearly 61,000 views and now has 1053 subscribers. If you are interested in underwater imagery and haven’t subscribed yet, please head don over to the Wetpixel Channel to be informed as we release new episodes. They will always be free to view on YouTube. Still, we are also offering the opportunity to buy episodes to download and keep, even on mobile devices, for those that are planning to travel soon. We offer 3 collections of 50 episodes, each priced at a very reasonable $50. These sales also help ensure that Adam and Alex remain motivated to film and produce more future episodes!

Thank you all for your support and many messages letting us know that you are enjoying our chats!

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