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New PADI Webinar! Marketing to Kids & Families

For most parents, limiting the amount of time their children spend staring at screens of any type – television, computer, tablet or mobile – is a constant concern. But, with the global pandemic, parents have been forced to make tough choices in order to keep their kids learning and entertained while also remaining healthy. Unfortunately, in many cases health usually takes a back seat, with children spending much more time on screens than is good for them.

According to Qustodio, a parental control app designed to help parents in the United Kingdom, United States and Spain supervise their children’s online usage, there was a 100 percent surge in online activity across every app category in the spring of 2020. And while some kids have been able to return to school as restrictions lighten, screen-time levels remain up versus “normal” pre-pandemic times. For example, in the United Kingdom, Qustodio reports kids’ website and app visits up by more than 100 percent in January 2021 versus the same period during the previous year, with the daily time spent on apps increasing by 15 percent.

Opportunity for Kids, Families and Your Business

As the world slowly begins to reopen, parents worried about their children’s health, activity levels and social development are actively seeking ways to help them. And scuba diving just might be the cure for what could otherwise eventually ail most kids worldwide.

Learning to scuba dive and participating in dive activities not only gets kids moving, it also helps build personal confidence and social skills. It challenges them ­– fostering problem solving and team building skills ­– all while having fun! Diving also inspires the next generation of PADI Torchbearers by seeding ocean conservation and awareness at an early age.

As local areas re-open, PADI® Retail and Resort Members have an opportunity to start or expand youth program offerings and meet what either is or will be a growing demand from parents to help get their kids off screens and into the water. In doing so, dive business owners can also help speed business recovery by creating new revenue streams, amplifying their business presence in the community and attracting additional family members to enroll in their courses.

Marketing to Kids & Families Webinar

Whether you’re already offering youth and family programs or just getting started, the new PADI Marketing to Kids & Families webinar includes valuable tips, recommendations, resources and guidelines to help support your youth program offerings.

Join this webinar and learn . . .

how catering to kids and families can help your business.
which PADI courses and experiences are available for kids.
how to ready your staff and protect your business.
where to market to reach your desired audience.
what PADI tools and resources are available to help you market your youth and family programs, including a new PADI Families and Kids Dive Programs toolkit.

You’ll also learn 10 simple ideas to help you successfully implement your youth and family programs.

The Time to Get Ready is Now

If your business does not already cater to youths and families, the time to get ready is now. Parents in the northern hemisphere are preparing for summer break and actively seeking youth and family opportunities both at home and abroad. And parents worldwide are already thinking about how to turn down the screens and turn up the sunshine. Don’t miss this opportunity to introduce children and families to the wonders of scuba and the magic that lives beneath the surface. Enroll in the PADI Marketing to Kids & Families webinar today!

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