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Straight Talk from PADI CEO: Our Important Role in Training the Heirs to the Ocean

What trends are shaping business recovery in today’s unique climate that will benefit PADI Members? Family and youth activities are rapidly dominating agendas, including domestic travel, staycations and future bookings for international travel.

2021 is an unprecedented and opportune time for diving professionals to challenge ourselves on how to better open up our doors to families and kids. We have the collective power to interest and bring in the next generation of divers through scuba programs led by PADI Professionals. You have the local power to offer these scuba programs in a pool, confined and open water for kids and families at your dive center or resort.  

Immersion through diving experience is perhaps the greatest equalizer bridging generations and bonding families. In my estimation, the world has never needed a bigger dose of scuba diving programs for the heirs to the ocean and their families than now.

This month, the world celebrated International Family Day, with a focus on how new technologies affect the well-being of families. Let’s face it, in the last year families have been pent up together and kids stuck inside, spending more time on electronic devices than ever before. People need to get out of the house, get active and unload – as you and I know, diving offers the perfect escape to make this happen. And, after more than a year of lockdowns, distancing, masking, restrictions and other challenges, people need the healing diving offers.

So as people are able to head back outdoors to the water, let’s remember that diving is open to almost all ages. Whether you’re a parent with kids, have younger siblings or know kids or teens with an interest in the world around them, involving them in outdoor recreation – including watersports and diving – is great for them and, really, everyone around them.

For Kids

There’s a growing consensus that children need more time outside for physical and emotional health, to develop thinking (exercise is good for your brain) and to develop social skills. In some cultures, it’s estimated that kids average less than 30 minutes outside daily but seven hours on electronic devices, and surely pandemic lockdowns have only increased screen time. This makes diving an optimum outdoor activity because, by its nature, diving engages physical, social and intellectual learning at the same time.

For Families

As most of us know, family time is important for kids and teens. It’s reported that when kids spend ample time with a parent or guardian, families tend to be closer, kids perform better in school and are less likely to drift apart. Taking on new adventures and challenges together – like diving (or learning to dive) – builds deeper and stronger family connections.

For Business

If you’re not already tapping into the family and youth market, there’s no better time to expand your offering to a new audience and ride the wave of family bonding activities, which is not going to be a “here today, gone tomorrow”trend. Click here for information on how you can reach more kids and families.

Consider this: You can create the next generation of PADI Torchbearers who will seek adventure and save the ocean, because it’s this generation that will do it. They are the heirs to the ocean, and it can all begin when you enable and ignite their interest in the underwater world.

Thank you for your membership with PADI, your loyalty and your dedication to our mission.

Drew Richardson

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