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Access to Recordings of Past Webinars

As part of our membership support package to help stimulate business, we have created a series of webinars  to  help  you  through  and  to  set  you  up  with  business  and  marketing  strategies  to  emerge stronger. Use this archive to access the recordings of past webinars.

Don’t look back – Prepare your Grand Reopening!
Digital learning is the “NEW” normal – Learn how to be successful at it
Take immediate action during a crisis – A step-by-step guide on how to keep your audience informed
Conducting IDCs using distance learning techniques
New Reality –  How to Adjust your Training Technique
Resorts – PADI Adventures – what can the PADI Adventures App do to help your business re-build?
Retailers – PADI Adventures – what can the PADI Adventures App do to help your business re-build?
TecRec and Public Safety Diver Instructor Update Webinar
Bundling New PADI eProducts
PADI Resources 2.0 –  Canva workshop
CDTC Q&A – Tracking towards your CDTC
New Diver Medical
EFR Distinctive Specialties – A New Set of Opportunities
New PADI eLearning specialties and affiliate linking
Seek Adventure – Diver Acquisition Marketing Toolkit
Women’s Dive Day Marketing Toolkit and Event Locator Demo
10 Simple Ideas to Successfully Implement PADI Family Dive Programs
Get the tools you need to increase your Divemaster course enrollment
How to create and marketing DM courses
How to Identify and Recruit new Divemasters
Five reasons to have a PADI Divemaster in your Business
Marketing eLearning Toolkit Workshop
Host a PADI Pro Night and boost your Instructor Development overnight
What you need to know about the PADI Mermaid Program
Adaptive Techniques – How to expand and market the Adaptive Specialty Diver course

If you have any questions in regards to the above webinar series, please contact us at [email protected]

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