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The 7 best SSI Courses to do with your Kids

Summer is well underway, making it the perfect time to gather your family and have some fun! Not sure where to start? Do not know which SSI course is right for your family’s interests and ages? No worries! We have made it easy to choose with this guide to the best family-friendly SSI courses.

Whether you are going overseas or staying at home, entertaining young kids or older teens, there is a perfect SSI course for your family. You can learn new skills, boost your confidence, get closer as a family and start diving in no time.

Not ready to become a diver? No problem. We have a range of fun non-diving courses for you to choose from as well. Read on to find out more and start your adventure today!


Basic Diver

Ready to try scuba diving with your family but do not want to commit to a full certification course? Then the SSI Basic Diver course is for you! In this short introductory course, you will learn basic scuba diving skills and try scuba diving in open water.
You will get to experience the thrill of open water diving up to 12 meters deep with an SSI Professional, without needing to earn a certification. It is the perfect way to try diving with your kids and start exploring the underwater world.

Who is this SSI course best for?

Families who want to dip their toes into the world of diving without committing to a long course.

Minimum age to enroll: 10

Suggested training duration: No recommended duration.

Scuba Diver

If you want to complete a short dive course at home or on holiday with your kids and become a certified diver, the SSI Scuba Diver course is a great choice. Your family will learn all they need to become confident and safe divers and get certified to dive up to 12 meters deep in open water with an SSI Professional.

This is the perfect foundation course for budding scuba divers. As an added bonus, you will complete almost half of the SSI Open Water Diver course training during the SSI Scuba Diver program, meaning you can upgrade easily when you’re ready.

Who is this SSI course best for?

Families who are short on time but want to get certified to dive in open water with an SSI Professional.

Minimum age to enroll: 10

Suggested training duration: 10 – 16 hours.


Open Water Diver

Are you ready to go diving anywhere you want with your family and truly explore the oceans? The internationally recognized SSI Open Water Diver course is your ticket to dive the world’s most beautiful dive sites, meet incredible marine life and more.

Learning to dive is much easier than you think, and this SSI course provides personalized training to ensure you have the skills you need to be fully comfortable underwater. You will learn at your own pace, have great fun, and get certified to dive up to 18 meters deep with your family of dive buddies.

Who is this SSI course best for?

Families who want to dive anywhere they want, with anyone they want, up to 18 meters deep.

Minimum age to enroll: 10

Training duration: 16 – 32 hours.


Snorkel Diver

We know you are going to love scuba diving, but maybe some of your family members are just not ready yet. If you have young kids who are nervous about being in the water or your family needs to boost their ocean confidence one step at a time, learn how to snorkel first.

With the SSI Snorkel Diver course, you family will discover their inner mermaids and mermen, and learn all they need to go snorkeling anywhere in the world. It is a great course to take before going on holiday, so you can snorkel over pretty coral reefs and meet rainbow-hued marine life with your little ones.

Who is this SSI course best for?

Families who want to enjoy the wonders of the ocean without needing to go scuba diving.

Minimum age to enroll: None.

Training duration: No recommended duration.

Basic Freediving

For something completely different, try freediving with your family. Without heavy scuba diving gear on your back, you will discover a freedom of movement like no other and a wonderful way to explore underwater with your family.

In this SSI course, you will learn how to freedive safely in a pool/confined water up to 5 meters depth. As well as being the most tranquil way to spend time in the ocean, learning to freedive also helps to make your children’s time in the water much safer. It teaches them confidence, body awareness, essential water skills and how to prevent panic in the water.

All of which makes the SSI Basic Freediving course an ideal entry-level freediving program for the whole family to enjoy.

Who is this SSI course best for?

Families who are short on time and want to earn an entry-level freediving certification or want to improve their children’s water safety.

Minimum age to enroll: 10

Training duration: 6 – 8 hours.



Being a mermaid or merman is no longer a fairy tale! Make your family mermaid dreams come true and learn everything you need to become a certified Mermaid with this engaging SSI course.

Anyone aged 12 upwards can join this course and will learn how to use a mermaid tail, get comfortable in the water and go mermaid swimming in a pool or confined waters up to 5 meters depth. It is a perfect treat for any budding mermaid or merman’s birthday and immerses you in the magical world of mermaids!

Do you also have young family members who want to try mermaid swimming? Anyone aged 6 upwards can join the SSI Try Mermaid course.

Who is this SSI course best for?

Families who want to make their mermaid dreams come true and go mermaid swimming!

Minimum age to enroll: 12.

Training duration: 16 – 24 hours.

Ecology Specialty Courses

You have completed your chosen SSI course, you are confident in the water, and maybe you are all certified divers by now. Congratulations! Now is the time to enrich your family’s underwater adventures in a new way that keeps even the busiest children entertained!

With our range of Ecology Specialty courses, you can learn all about sharks, rays and sea turtles, and how to interact with them in the water. You can learn how to identify different fish and corals or immerse yourselves in the fascinating world of marine ecology. The choice is yours with these engaging short courses.

Did we mention these courses can be completed entirely at home? There is no better way to cozy up at any time of year and get an ocean fix!

Who is this SSI course best for?

Families who want fun diving-related courses they can complete at home with their kids.

Minimum age to enroll: 6.

Training duration: 3 – 6 hours.



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