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10 Ways To Be A Mission Hub

PADI Members are the heart of PADI’s save the ocean mission. Collectively, you inspire millions of divers to seek adventure and protect the underwater world.

The PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action is designed to help achieve balance between humanity and ocean but it needs your influence and leadership to mobilize a global community of Torchbearers critical to creating a healthier planet, above and below the surface.  

As PADI Mission Hubs, your local sites are tangible conservation touchpoints for divers. Your example has the power to inspire hope and action in the diving community, enabling direct conservation action. It’s our shared responsibility to rise to the challenge and collectively seek adventure, and save the ocean. 

Here’s 10 simple ways you can grow your business as a PADI Mission Hub:

Join the Torchbearer Community

Use your business email address to sign up to the network of ocean advocates. Stay up to date with all things save the ocean. 


Recruit PADI Torchbearers

Encourage every diver to join the network of ocean advocates at Grow our collective power to save the ocean.


Promote the Conservation Strategy

Share the details of PADI AWARE’s 10 Year Conservation Strategy and get your community excited about what we can achieve together.


Teach AWARE Courses

Create eco-conscious divers and citizen scientists who have the skills and knowledge needed to be champions for a healthy ocean. 


Maintain Environmental Standards

Adopt Green Fins Standards, display free posters and include environmental directions in your boat and dive briefings. 


Prioritize Buoyancy Skills

Conservation begins with preventing damage to the underwater world. Teach Peak Performance Buoyancy at every opportunity.


Become 100% AWARE

Join the PADI AWARE Partner Giving Program and advance the conservation strategy with every certification you issue. 


Dive Against Debris®

Tackle marine debris by regularly surveying your dive sites and reporting your data. Together we’ve removed over 1,893,022 pieces!


Inspire the Next Generation

Encourage mini Torchbearers to explore and protect the ocean by harnessing their enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity. 


Host Conservation Events

The actions above are just a handful of the ways that you can advance the PADI AWARE 10 year Conservation Strategy, but the possibilities for leadership are as vast as the ocean. Brainstorm as a team and plan events that support conservation in your local area. Together, our actions will lead to global conservation impact. 

So far, PADI Members have hosted documentary nights, fundraising competitions, blue carbon & coral restoration projects, social events, conservation-themed dive trips, internships, distinctive specialty courses and educational workshops and talks. What will you do? 

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