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Renew for 2022 and Continue Your Journey as a PADI Pro

PADI® Professionals are recognized and respected as the number one leaders, mentors and guardians among the world’s largest community of divers. You and your fellow members make up the largest, most diverse, resilient, innovative and passionate community of dive operators and professionals globally. It’s no wonder eight out of 10 divers choose PADI and PADI Professionals for diver training and certification.  #PADIPeople like you are the heart of the PADI organization.

Continue your journey as a PADI Professional and remain a member of this dynamic community into 2022.

As a renewed PADI Pro Member, you will also receive a free, digital suite of PADI products for your professional library* including:

Open Water DiverAdvanced Open Water DiverBoat DiverDeep DiverDigital Underwater PhotographerComing soon! Discover Scuba DivingDiver Propulsion VehicleDrift DiverDry Suit DiverEnriched Air DiverEquipment SpecialtyeRDPML OnlineNight DiverPeak Performance BuoyancyReActivate®Rescue DiverSearch & Recovery DiverUnderwater NavigatorWreck Diver

Plus . . .

renewed PADI Instructors will also receive Divemaster and Dive Theory Online.renewed PADI Freediver Instructors receive Freediver eLearning.renewed PADI Pros with the Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor rating receive EFR eLearning.renewed PADI Mermaid Instructors receive Mermaid eLearning.

And, of course, all renewed professionals will receive the 2022 Digital Instructor Manual.

Enroll in Automatic Renewal!

If you haven’t already done so, take a moment now to enroll in automatic renewal. When you’re enrolled in automatic renewal . . .

your PADI membership will be automatically processed in the fourth quarter of each year, so you’ll never risk an accidental lapse in will renew at the lowest renewal rate.

Be sure to enroll by early November to take advantage of the savings. If you are already enrolled in automatic renewal, now is a good time to review your payment information on file to ensure everything is up to date and accurate.

Your Membership Matters

Your membership helps support the PADI organization’s ongoing efforts to speed industry recovery as destinations around the globe re-open. It also helps support PADI’s Mission to save the ocean by supporting local actions for global impact. Your ongoing membership makes a difference for both people and planet.  

*Note: Products included in the free digital product suite are for professional members’ reference only and not available for resale.

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