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Easydive Ships LeoR Universal Housing

Easydive are shipping their new LeoR universal camera housing. It offers camera control via USB, WiFi, IR or Bluetooth and is now compatible with many SLR and mirrorless cameras, along with the BlackMagic Pocket camera. Other features include an integrated OLED display and an Android App that allow the housing to be configured as required. Dual SDI out is available as are two external battery packs.

The Easydive LeoR is available to order now, priced at €3.490,00 (inc. VAT).

From Easydive


The new LEOR Universal Housing is born from the collaboration with Pro in the sector and the experience of all Easydive staff.

Compatible with Black Magic Pocket Cinema cameras, but also with the Mirrorless and DSLR cameras of the main brands (see compatibility list).

The LeoR preserve all the winning features of the Leo3 series, which we added:

Integrated OLED display.
Retro lighting panel (*).
Android application to configure and customize the LeoR.
Predisposition for the installation of different accessories (*): Vacuum System, fiber optic trigger for flash, Bulkhead Nikonos for flash.
Possibility to install an external monitor and connect a video output cable to the surface (*) via an HDMI – SDI 3G converter.
New power supply system, which allows the use of two battery packs (*) for the power supply of the housing, the camera, and for all the accessories that can be installed.

Portholes and other accessories to buy separately (the images shown are purely demonstrative, to have a definitive price it is necessary to use the dedicated configurator).

2.860,66 € Ex. vat
3.490,00 € Inc. vat
(*) Optional implementable through the configurator.

General features:

“Lightness and Travel Friendly”, the new LeoR is made from a block full of anticorodal aluminum. Its weight is about 500grams less than the Leo3, but maintaining the same dimensions.
“Robustness”, although it has been lightened, even in this case the operation is guaranteed up to -150m, with the life warranty * EasyDive.
“Technology”, LeoR is the result of over 20 years of experience in electronic control in underwater cases. In addition to the technologies implemented over the years on Leo Housings (USB / IR / Wi-Fi), the control via Bluetooth has been added to the Bluetooth and an integrated OLED display in housing that allows easy access to the menus and replica of the parameters of the cameras. The display is equipped with a “lighting sensor” that automatically adjusts the brightness of the OLED display and indicator LEDs and disables the backlight of the push-button panel in a situation of strong brightness.
“Autonomy”, the new LeoR can be equipped with two Li-Ion 14.8V 3000mAh battery packs. The new internal power supply board has been designed to supply power both to the camera and to all the accessories that can be installed. Only one battery for triggers, Vacuum System, illuminated panel and HDMI-SDI3G converter. If your camera does not have a USB charging option, you can still power it using a “fake” compatible battery.
“Optional illuminated push-button panel, to meet once again to the needs of our customers, the main push-button panel lights up at the touch of the buttons, resulting visible even at night or in low visibility conditions. The pond lighting system with wireless power supply, allows you to easily remove the plate that stops the keys for normal maintenance. The duration of the backlight can be set through the dedicated application.
“Director” thanks to the HDMI-SDI3G converter (optional), you can have a double SDI video output, one for the external monitor (optional) and the other to be used to send a video signal to the surface.

“Custom Control”, thanks to electronic control, unlike mechanical housings, you can quickly manage commands that normally require a more complex combination of mechanical buttons or access to the camera menu via touch screen can Being executed by pressing a simple button. In our software for BlackMagic, it was expected, for example, a single button to change both the video resolution and fps.

“Wet contact magnetic buttons”, the LeoR handle, allows you to have all the handy controls, 2 trigger fronts and 9 on the back. The switch button also allows you to increase the commands available.
“Ergonomic handle” The ergonomics of the new LeoR is incredible, the handle allows quick access to all the main functions, without ever remove your hands from the housing.

“Predispositions”, LeoR has so many predispositions, in the lower part has 8 M5 holes (4 for removable support feet), 1 hole 1/4 ” ‘en ° 1 hole 3/8 “centrally positioned for a possible tripod . There are also 2 M8 holes, in order to fix the bracket for the second handle. In the back of the display there are 6 other M4 holes in which it is possible to fix a hood or other accessories. Finally, at the top there are 5 M14X1 caps where it is possible to implement 2 SDI video output connectors, Vacuum System, and other possible solutions.
“Connected”, the new LeoR app, allows you to connect to the housing and best manage all available functions:

1. Insert the pairing pin for the BlackMagic directly from the phone display   
  2. Customize the buttons feature 
3. Update the housing software and add new cameras   
  4. Adjust the housing parameters 
(backlight ignition timeonoff triggeronoff convertercamera auxiliary power supplyetc

NB: Standard functions are listed in the downloadable compatibility file at the top of page, other custom functions can be implemented upon request.
* The warranty is subject to an annual maintenance performed at EasyDive.



Height: 230 mm.
Handle width included: 305 mm.
Depth: 145 mm.
Porthole diameter: Ø105 mm.
Weight: 3.5 kg
Maximum depth guaranteed: 150 m


Fujifilm: FUJIFILM GFX100S
Black Magic: Pocket Cinema Camera 4K | Pocket Cinema Camera 6K | Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro
Canon: Canon EOS 1000D | Canon EOS 100D | Canon EOS 10D | Canon EOS 1100D | Canon EOS 1200D | Canon EOS 1300D | Canon EOS 2000D | Canon EOS 200D | Canon EOS 20D | Canon EOS 250D | Canon EOS 30D | Canon EOS 350D | Canon EOS 4000D | Canon EOS 400D | Canon EOS 40D | Canon EOS 450D | Canon EOS 500D | Canon EOS 50D | Canon EOS 550D | Canon EOS 5D | Canon EOS 5D Mk IV | Canon EOS 5D MkII | Canon EOS 5D MkIII | Canon EOS 5Ds | Canon EOS 600D | Canon EOS 60D | Canon EOS 650D | Canon EOS 6D | Canon EOS 6D Mk II | Canon EOS 700D | Canon EOS 70D | Canon EOS 750D | Canon EOS 760D | Canon EOS 77D | Canon EOS 7D | Canon EOS 7D MkII | Canon EOS 800D | Canon EOS 80D | Canon EOS 90D | Canon EOS R | Canon EOS R5 | Canon EOS R6 | Canon EOS RP
Leica: Leica SL | Leica SL2 | Leica SL2s
Nikon: Nikon D100 | Nikon D200 | Nikon D300 | Nikon D3000 | Nikon D300s | Nikon D3100 | Nikon D3200 | Nikon D3300 | Nikon D3400 | Nikon D3500 | Nikon D40 | Nikon D50 | Nikon D500 | Nikon D5000 | Nikon D5100 | Nikon D5200 | Nikon D5300 | Nikon D5500 | Nikon D5600 | Nikon D60 | Nikon D600 | Nikon D610 | Nikon D70 | Nikon D700 | Nikon D7000 | Nikon D7100 | Nikon D7200 | Nikon D750 | Nikon D7500 | Nikon D780 | Nikon D80 | Nikon D800 | Nikon D800E | Nikon D810 | Nikon D850 | Nikon D90 | Nikon Z5 | Nikon Z50 | Nikon Z6 | Nikon Z6 II | Nikon Z7 | Nikon Z7 II
Panasonic: Panasonic DMC-GH5 | Panasonic GH5 Mk II | Panasonic GH5s | Panasonic S1 | Panasonic S1H | Panasonic S1R | Panasonic S5
Sony: Sony Alpha 1 | Sony Alpha 6000 | Sony Alpha 6100 | Sony Alpha 6300 | Sony Alpha 6400 | Sony Alpha 6500 | Sony Alpha 6600 | Sony Alpha 7 | Sony Alpha 7 II | Sony Alpha 7 II r | Sony Alpha 7 II s | Sony Alpha 7 III | Sony Alpha 7 r | Sony Alpha 7 s | Sony Alpha 7r III | Sony Alpha 7r IV | Sony Alpha 7s III | Sony Alpha 9 | Sony Alpha 9 II | Sony FX3 Cinema Line


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