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Straight Talk from PADI CEO: Join Us at the Virtual PADI Member Social

At this time last year, COVID had the planet held tightly in its grip and the entire DEMA Show was a virtual event. This year we’re in active recovery and closer to normal with a live DEMA show taking place, but the pandemic still demands risk management. As you likely know, this includes reducing crowding contact by conducting all of the usually in-person PADI events virtually – including the annual PADI Member Social. While PADI Chief Brand & Membership Officer Kristin Valette-Wirth and I would prefer presenting face to face and spending time together with you before and after the social, at least a virtual version has one advantage: You can join us anytime, anywhere simply by clicking below.

During this year’s PADI Member Social presentation, Kristin and I discuss several important visions that will guide the PADI organization in 2022. In particular, we look at how the Pillars of Change will shape our mutual direction, so I hope you’ll join us to hear about it. We’ll discuss PADI’s 2022 conservation goals, including the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action, our expanding relationships with the PADI AWARE Foundation and groups like The Ocean Cleanup, National Geographic Pristine Seas and Sea Legacy, and how you connect these to the dive community as a Mission Hub.

We’ll also talk about our People and Humanity pillar. Since its inception, PADI has embraced inclusivity and diversity. We will discuss the importance of continuing to nurture this and expand access to the underwater world under the PADI brand. This not only opens the healing and exploratory benefits of diving, but is central to our goal of aggregating a multicultural, international planetary community of 1 billion Torchbearers giving voice to the oceans among all peoples and countries. We’ll also touch on a few of the amazing PADI people who did remarkable things in 2021 – I wish we had time for all of them – and how, as Mission Hubs, PADI Professionals like you have embodied the PADI Mission through their work.

Please take a few minutes to join us at the virtual 2021 PADI Member Social. If we don’t see you at the DEMA show this year, we hope to see you in person in 2022. In the meantime, thank you for your professionalism, your resilience and your commitment to sharing the gift of seeking adventure and saving the ocean under the PADI brand with the world.

Drew Richardson
President & CEO

Please click here to attend the virtual 2021 PADI Member Social.

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