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Shearwater is excited to present the Journeys Edition Teric


Shearwater is excited to present the Journeys Edition Teric. A seasonal addition to our flagship Teric range.

The Journeys Edition is inspired by dive helmets and tools used by divers over the years, reimagined in underwater adventure stories and movie classics.



Featuring a striking bronze colour bezel and supplied with a black strap, the Journeys Edition Teric is a modern, yet elegant and timeless style. Whether on the surface interval, exploring the depths, or breath-holding across coral, our new bronze bezel impresses.

The ballistic case features a premium sleeve with a unique underwater adventure design. The bronze colour complements many existing accessory straps to suit your diving and surface look.



At Shearwater, we enjoy reading the feedback from other divers worldwide. We are also pleased to introduce the most customer requested colour for the latest Teric strap as an enduring addition to our existing range. Turn heads on the next dive trip with Imperial Purple!



Available to order today from your local Shearwater dealer.


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