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Wondering what makes a great story and how to garner media attention for your dive business? We’ll let you in on a little secret – you can put the PADI Global Public Relations team to work for you

Last year PADI garnered over 18 billion (yes – that’s BILLION!) impressions globally – and many of the stories were from PADI members – both dive centers and also individual pros. PADI featured them in publications within the industry and also well beyond diving – in media like the Wall Street Journal, The Sun, The Huffington Post and Conde Nast!

From local conservation efforts to impressive achievements, tales of discovery to the ways diving has improved the lives of those around you, the PADI PR team is looking for unique, diverse stories that have the power to bring the diving community to life and encourage people around the world to seek adventure and save the ocean. PADI is also looking for incredible images to get people passionate about conservation, exploration and marine animals.

Get in touch with the PADI PR team by emailing [email protected]. You may very well end up getting coverage, as fellow members have below.

Offering to Host Media

When dive businesses host media for a diving experience, the resulting coverage is often the most personable and authentic – content that readers are drawn to the most. Let PADI PR know if you are interested in hosting media and similar opportunities (like the one below), which sets into motion a positive domino effect toward driving more business your way.

In March 2022, PADI Dive Center Dive Zone Whitianga took Stuff Media out to their local dive site: The Aldermen Islands. This resulted in both an online travel feature and print syndication throughout all the regional newspapers.

“We are delighted with the review she has given one of our special dive locations here on the Coromandel.  We noticed an immediate increase in phone calls from people looking to book a trip out to the Alderman Islands and a spike in our web traffic on the day the article came out.  It has also been shared by a number of other businesses in the area so no doubt is well-read.  Given how well it is being shared I would think we will see the benefits for a bit to go yet.” – Linda Bird, Dive Zone Whitianga

Telling the Stories of Pros

It is PADI Professionals who not only make your business special but equally capture the hearts and minds of the media. If you have a PADI Professional working for you who has an inspiring story or a unique skill set, let us know. The Global PR team can help with stories like the CNN feature of PADI Course Director Zoona Naseem, founder Moodhu Bulhaa Dive Centre in the Maldives.

Sharing Your Pictures

We live in a content-driven world, and fantastic imagery gets the media’s attention. Sharing your own images with the PADI PR team can We live in a content-driven world and amazing imagery gets the attention of media. Sharing your own epic images with the PADI PR team can help get your dive business featured in coverage around the world and showcase the incredible experiences you offer to customers. You can end up getting global coverage like Dive Ninja Expeditions, a PADI Dive Center in Baja California, received on World Whale Day in Oceanographic Magazine and Scubaverse. Not only did PADI feature their images, but a link to their operation was included as well!

So, how can PADI PR do the same for you? It’s easy! If you are interested in sharing your story or images, email the Global PADI PR team at [email protected]. Simply share a few sentences about the story you’d like to share and also a few images as well. The more interesting, inspiring or impactful the story – especially to those outside of diving – the more coverage the team may be able to get. Why pay for advertising when you can leverage the incredibly successful team?

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