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EFR Tips from the Pros

Scott van Doren is an EFR® Instructor Trainer (EFRIT – 302826) based in Bangkok, Thailand. He runs the successful EFR service provider First Aid Training Bangkok. We recently caught up with Scott to get some tips and tricks about setting up your business to successfully teach EFR programs.

What does an EFR instructor need to prepare to begin teaching?

Number one is knowing the content of your program inside and out – participant manuals, knowledge reviews, final exams. You need to be prepared to answer students’ questions with quick, clear and concise answers. 

Are there any special procedures you should follow when teaching?

Keep It Simple (KIS). Follow the book layout. 

Is on-site or off-site training preferred by businesses?

Off-site training (at their location). Make it easy for your clients. 

Do you propose retraining every two years to your students?

I do 100 percent! The 2020 ILCOR guidelines show studies on how quickly “high quality” chest-compression skills deteriorate in just months, not to mention forgetting how to do a Primary Assessment effectively to determine if the individual even needs CPR. 

How have you adapted to the local market by using and training local staff?

By studying and understanding the needs of the local market and training the local team to meet those needs. 

What benefits do you see EFR bringing to companies/organizations you’ve provided training for?

EFR provides a clear and established internationally recognized program that fulfills the needs of many different countries’ CPR and First Aid training requirements. 

What tips do you have when approaching a business with a training proposal?

Research their needs in advance and propose a solution to their needs. 

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