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Top 10 Reasons To Go Green Fins

1. Attract New, Eco-Conscious Divers

Results from a recent global study of dive industry trends indicates a significant shift towards eco-conscious dive experiences. Over 95% of divers think dive operators should be doing more to protect the reef, with 64% stating sustainability is a main consideration when choosing a dive center (source: The Reef-World Foundation, 2022).

Green Fins Members receive recognition for their sustainability efforts, such as through Green Fins global search engine, preferential selection for PADI PR and social media marketing and Green Fins labeling on dive booking platforms and search engines such as PADI Dive Shop Locator and PADI Travel’s Green Fins Collection.

2. It’s Easy & Straightforward

Green Fins digital membership offers simple, proven process with achievable, low-cost actions that you can take to reduce your environmental impact as a business and dive professional, without any of the fuss. Just sign up, complete an online review your operations, select four action points to take over the coming year and get started with support. No new ideas or big strategy meetings required!

3. Access Eco-Briefing Cards & Sustainability Posters

83% of divers recently indicated a desire to receive more education and guidance on sustainability and protecting marine life on their vacation.

Use Green Fins materials (available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Malaysian, Thai and Indonesian) to make sustainability a visible priority in your dive shop, on your boat and during your dive briefings.

These free materials (accessible even to non-Green Fins Members) are designed to help you educate your guests and make low-impact dive adventures easier for all.

4. Legitimize Your Sustainability Efforts

85% of recently surveyed divers shared that they find it hard to see if a dive center or resort is genuinely sustainable, amidst concerns of greenwashing.

As a Green Fins Digital or Certified Member, your participation in this United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) initiative adds legitimacy to your eco efforts. Whilst working in partnership with PADI and welcoming collaboration with all dive training agencies, the Green Fins initiative maintains neutrality within the marine tourism industry. This independence ensures that divers can wholeheartedly trust Green Fins membership to reflect a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of your operations, and nothing else.

If you want to show divers you are walking the walk, and not just talking the talk, Green Fins membership is your solution.

5. Check for Sustainability Blind Spots

Perhaps you have already made a series of changes to reduce your environmental impact and educate your divers to be more eco-conscious? Perhaps you have done everything you can think of and are looking for new ideas?

Green Fins membership can offer a fresh pair of eyes on your progress, helping to identify areas you are already doing well in, and those that you may not have thought of, or possibly overlooked.

6. Join a Global Community Committed to Change

PADI has worked closely with The Reef-World Foundation to design and refine Green Fins Hub. By going digital, it means Green Fins membership is now available to everyone, everywhere.

Get started today and work together with dive professionals all over the planet that are creating the change our industry needs to ensure long-term ocean health.

7. Future-Proof Your Business

Green Fins provides you with the tools and information you need to reduce your impact on the ocean and preserve the aquatic ecosystems and marine life that your divers come to you to explore. By engaging with this program, you can begin to make small, low-cost and achievable adjustments to your operations that protect the foundations of your business model for decades to come.

8. Track & Celebrate Your Sustainability Journey

In 2022, the global community is just getting started. By 2025, 2030, or beyond, you and your team will be able to look back at your profile and track your progress over the years. As you document your journey, the platform will highlight major achievements that you can share with your community and be proud of.

9. Work towards PADI Green Star Award Status

We are re-launching the PADI Green Star Award and creating new criteria for eligibility; Green Fins membership and participation in PADI AWARE’s Adopt The Blue. If you are interested in achieving this status, the best step you can take to prepare for the first round of new Green Star Awards in September 2023 is to become a Green Fins member today and begin working on your action points.

10. Save $$$

There is a common myth that sustainability comes with a high price. It’s simply not true! Green Fins guidelines and action points are designed to be low-cost and internationally accessible, wherever you are in the world.

Many changes you can make do not incur a cost at all, such as standardizing eco-briefings for all dives and committing to the Green Fins Code of Conduct. Existing Green Fins Members have even reported a reduction in operational costs, after making adjustments in areas like cleaning products used. What’s not to like?

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