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New Adaptive Diving Toolkit coming soon!

Grow And Enrich Your Diving Community with these Adaptive Diving Resources

PADI Members have the unique superpower to open up and increase access to the underwater world for more people than anyone else on the planet. There is an estimated one billion people on the planet that have a physical and/or mental disability – imagine the power that diving and immersion can have on this population if awarded the opportunity.

PADI’s third Pillar of Change, People and Humanity, is borne from PADI’s core belief that aquatic environments should be accessible to all. As a global organization, we continually strive to foster an environment of openness across the dive industry with a shared understanding that ‘underwater we all speak the same language.’ The PADI Blueprint for People and Humanity outlines PADI’s commitments across three areas that support the overall Pillar goal: increase access to diving for all and support local communities.

As part of this commitment, PADI is providing tools and resources that will help PADI Dive Centers and Resorts gain more visibility for their current and future efforts in and around adaptive diving and help connect with divers and non-divers with adaptive needs.

Dive Shop Locator – New Adaptive Category Filter

The new Dive Shop Locator is now search engine optimized to attract more consumer traffic to your business listing and now includes a filter for facility amenities such as Adaptive Services. The modern search interface and filters makes it easier for consumers to find a dive shop or resort that best fits their needs, making it a one-stop-shop for divers.

PADI Adaptive Services Facility Landing Page

From Q4, PADI will include a landing page on the PADI website recognizing PADI Adaptive Services Facilities – PADI centers who have invested in comprehensive operational services and infrastructure that meet the needs of divers with physical or psychological challenges to promote inclusivity in its diver training programs and activities.  This includes; staff trained in adaptive techniques and support; providing training for others wishing to learn more about those adaptive techniques; having accessible facility spaces as well as accessible pool and boat decks.

To learn more, please contact for further details.

Adaptive Diving Toolkit

The Adaptive toolkit contains imagery and customizable campaign assets to help you gain visibility with adaptive needs divers and encourage them to discover the possibilities by connecting with you to start or continue their dive journey.  Following suit with previous PADI Marketing Kits, this new toolkit also offers customizable social posts, email headers and web banners, along with email and web page copy to help you optimize your marketing efforts.

The new Adaptive Marketing Toolkit is launching in November in English at the PADI Pros’ Site Marketing Hub with additional language versions to quickly follow.

As a PADI Operator or Professional, you can facilitate pathways into our sport by enabling more people to enjoy access to the programs PADI offers and create positive change in your communities.

Your leadership and initiative are critical to delivering the multitude of health and well-being benefits to those most in need. YOU have the power and influence to inspire possibilities and create life-changing opportunities for countless people, a truly empowering and honorable purpose behind why we dive.

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