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Professional Membership That Makes a Difference

PADI® Members are recognized and respected as the largest, most diverse, resilient, innovative and passionate community of dive operators and professionals globally. And within this amazing community, regardless of location, all PADI Members have something remarkable in common. Your day to day, “business as usual” isn’t the standard 9-5; what you do transforms lives, leads to adventure and exploration, and supports diving’s deeper purpose for the betterment of people and planet.  As a PADI Member, you support the PADI Pillars of Change for Ocean Conservation, Industry Sustainability, and People and Humanity. 

Your membership not only opens doors to adventure and exploration, it has helped:

restore reefs, supporting coral reef restoration efforts
protect vulnerable species, including turtles nesting sites, endangered shark, rays, and seahorses
support initiatives to combat climate change, including kelp restoration projects and biological monitoring programs to protect seagrass and coral reef habitats
clean-up our oceans by supporting marine debris removal initiatives worldwide
lift communities to educate the next generation to care for and respect the ocean, while also making diving accessible to all

We’ve only just begun and, together with your fellow PADI Members, we can support diving’s deeper purpose for the betterment of people and planet. Continue your membership – simply log into the PADI Pros Site and follow the instructions.

Membership with Unparalleled Benefits

Your PADI membership includes unparalleled benefits, including: 

access to the brand new Marketing Hub with exclusive access to PADI resources, image and video libraries, live and recorded webinars and more
exclusive access to global job listings on the PADI Job Board
the ability to offer the most sought-after diver-education materials
expanded PADI eLearning® programs supporting both in-water and “dry” courses
access to PADI-endorsed insurance programs
access to best-in-class continuing education and risk management resources
a dedicated PADI Regional team committed to your success

Membership Supporting a Change for Good

For over a decade, PADI has donated 100 percent of the instructor application fees for Dive Against Debris and Shark Conservation Specialties to the PADI AWARE FoundationTM. These donations support the largest underwater marine debris movement on the planet, and the protection of vulnerable shark and ray species. And now, in order to make teaching conservation more accessible than ever, PADI and PADI AWARE Foundation are waiving the all AWARE instructor application fees. This means you can apply for and teach AWARE courses for free to stand-up for the ocean. There is a suggested donation of US$30 (or more) when applying to continue to support the Foundation’s critical efforts. PADI Offices worldwide are also donating a portion of student eLearning fees to the PADI AWARE Foundation to help drive the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action.

Enroll Today and Save!

If you have yet to renew your PADI Professional membership for 2023, why not take advantage of early renewal savings by renewing before 31 December 2022. And don’t forget – when renewing your membership, click on the “enroll in automatic renewal” box at checkout to save even more. When you’re enrolled in automatic renewal, your PADI membership will be automatically processed in the fourth quarter of each year, so you’ll never risk an accidental lapse in benefits. You’ll also automatically renew at the lowest renewal rate.

Be sure to enroll by early November to take advantage of the savings. If you are already enrolled in automatic renewal, now is a good time to review your payment information on file to ensure everything is up to date and accurate.

We look forward to renewing your membership for 2023 and continuing our journey with you! Thank you for your ongoing membership and loyalty.

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