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Halloween 2020 Diving Memorabilia Auction

Halloween Auction

Not into Halloween Trick Or Treating this year? Maybe a scuba auction online is more to your taste. Live Auctioneers, has a large range of scuba diving memorabilia, books, nautical items and much more, and a number of rare and unique diving helmets on display.

Halloween Auction
Photo Credit: Live Auctioneers

This online auction is offering many treasures including 19th and 20th-century diving helmets, dive knives, dive magazines, and dive gear including Aqua Lung and ScubaPro “older” regulators.

Prior to sale, all bidders must register with Nations Attic Inc. and/or online via LiveAuctioneers to participate in bidding.

Live Auctioneers is located in Wichita, Kanas, USA.

This auction is a definate “treat” for divers this year!

Learn more and Register Here

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