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Introducing the Professional Activities Filter

Leverage the power of your Dive Store Locator listing and fill your Pro courses

PADI Dive Centers and Resorts now have a new tool available to help attract and enroll more divers into their professional-level courses; the new Professional Activities filter on the PADI Dive Shop Locator.

The new filter option makes it easy for divers interested in becoming a PADI Pro to find all of your professional-level courses and events, including your Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Instructor Development Courses. You can even list pro activities, such as Become a PADI Pro events. These can be easily uploaded in the same way as your existing courses and activities, and will be bookable via the Dive Shop Locator, PADI Adventures App, PADI Travel website, PADI Dive Guides.

Customers can find your listing simply by selecting the Professional Activities filter as part of their search criteria. Dive Center and Resort profiles relevant to their search terms will show immediately, allowing customers to browse for, and directly book their desired Activity. Watch the short video below for a demonstration of how to upload your Pro Activities.

What are the benefits of boosting professional dive courses and events through the Professional Activities filter?

Reach a highly relevant and qualified audience of divers who are actively seeking Professional opportunities. The filter streamlines your marketing and increases the chances of attracting a more targeted and motivated audience, increasing web traffic, enquiries, and business.  
Promoting professional dive courses and events through online listings is a highly efficient and cost-effective strategy. Instead of relying solely on traditional marketing channels, utilize the PADI ecosystem and Professional Activities filter to showcase offerings 24/7. Enable customers to make informed decisions wherever they are in the world and increase the likelihood of course bookings or event participation. 
Professional divers are often eager to connect with like-minded individuals and expand their network within the diving community. The DSL provides a valuable platform to foster networking, sales and recruitment opportunities. Organize events, courses, and workshops aimed specifically at professional divers and advertise them through the Professional Activities filter. By creating a space for divers to meet and exchange knowledge, dive stores can position themselves as hubs of expertise, further enhancing their reputation and attracting more business, as well as meeting potential new recruits.  

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, online listings are essential tools for dive stores to stay competitive, attract professional divers, and drive business growth. Make sure your business listing is living up to its potential!  

Unlock the power of the PADI integrated ecosystem.

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