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How to Use PADI Adventures to Grow Your Dive Business

The travel industry has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. The rise of digital technology, in particular, has brought about a profound shift in how we travel, and also transformed the way we plan and book online activities. In 2022, digital platforms for outdoor experiences reached new heights, offering many benefits to both travelers and businesses. These platforms have excelled in providing operators with unique opportunities to reach new audiences, elevate the customer experience, and grow their businesses.

The data from the global travel industry consistently highlights the value users place on digital platforms, especially for their ability to discover, compare, and ultimately book outdoor activities. As the world evolves, so must our business approach and understanding of target audiences. When we reflect on the revenue trends provided by PADI Members in 2022, it becomes evident that this was a pivotal year in terms of the role digital tools played in generating revenue. This brings us to the exciting potential that PADI’s digital tools and platforms hold for PADI Dive Shops and how they can significantly enhance their revenue generation capabilities.

PADI’s Digital Ecosystem: Tools for Growth

The enhancement of the PADI Dive Shop Locator, Dive Guides, and the inclusion of the Dive Site Locator and Conservation Activities Locator in the PADI digital integrated ecosystem are great examples of PADI’s response to current trends. These initiatives showcase the power of combining global information with local expertise, providing consumers with precisely what they desire, especially among Generations Y and Z.

In addition, PADI Adventures, launched in 2020 as an app-based and browser-based digital booking system for scuba diving fun dives, snorkeling trips, and courses, has quickly become a vital tool for PADI members and scuba divers everywhere. According to Tom Paris, PADI Senior Product Manager, “By following a strict data-driven approach and a customer-first approach, we could immediately understand that consumers simply love to be able to book online diving activities.”

Since its launch, we’ve observed a significant trend that dive shops listing their services on PADI Adventures have benefited from increased visibility, expanded customer base, and additional revenue streams. Manuel Krämer, PADI Travel General Manager, notes the importance of this platform for PADI Members looking to attract and retain new and occasional divers. “Thanks to its success, we are now investing extra promotional and technical resources to enhance the inventory of our Members selling on PADI Adventures”, added Krämer.

It is worth noting that over half of the bookings on the platform are for beginner courses, a significant statistic to consider when listing your activities. Also, PADI’s Global Marketing Campaign “Live Unfiltered” is specifically tailored for non-divers, integrating the PADI Dive Shop Locator and PADI Adventures with PADI’s Dive Guides to help users with their scuba diving explorations.

Our conversations with approximately 3000 non-divers interested in scuba diving indicate a clear preference for easy online booking of complete courses, much like booking an Uber ride. These potential divers also seek comprehensive upfront information with NO hidden costs payable on the spot, embracing a customer-centric approach that digital platforms can seamlessly provide.

In addition to responding to these consumer demands, PADI’s integrated ecosystem addresses the needs of shops in both domestic and vacation destinations. By promoting bookings through PADI Adventures, you can significantly enhance your revenue streams with minimal effort, regardless of your shop’s location.

Monetize Your Online Presence Across the PADI Digital Landscape with PADI Adventures

There may be some skeptical members who don’t see the potential of having an online presence with PADI Adventures. Nevertheless, investing time in updating your listings, ensuring easy online booking, and offering popular courses and activities are key steps in monetizing your online presence.

For example, an Austrian PADI Dive Center owner attending the biggest diving exhibition in Europe, the Boot Show, wasn’t aware of the referral commission opportunities, which are an essential feature of this tool. Having customers link their accounts with your dive shop opens up a constant stream of additional revenue every time your “own divers” use PADI Adventures and PADI Travel for their scuba diving-related bookings worldwide. To clarify, if divers, who have affiliated with the Austrian dive shop in the example, book a trip to the Galapagos through PADI Adventures, the dive shop could earn an affiliate commission of USD $300 per person without providing any physical service themselves!

The benefits of utilizing PADI Adventures aren’t just anecdotal. Dive shop profiles have seen a nearly 20% increase in visibility compared to 2021, with a 150% increase in clicks to PADI eLearning product description pages. Additionally, web traffic from to individual dive shop websites has increased by a whopping 238%. These numbers demonstrate the potential of PADI Adventures as a tool to direct traffic to your website from an audience that might otherwise be challenging to reach.

Grow Your Business by Managing Your PADI Dive Shop Profile

Is your Dive Shop Locator profile up to date? Did you know that there is a substantial difference in the visibility and engagement outcomes for dive shops depending on whether they have filled in information on their Dive Shop Locator (DSL) profile or not?

Shops that have NOT completed their DSL profile information have experienced:

A 3% DECLINE in visibility compared to other shops in the same area.
A 116% increase in clicks from their Dive Shop Profiles to the PADI eLearning product description pages.
A 101% surge in web traffic directed to their websites.

On the other hand, dive shops that HAVE completed the information in their DSL profile have witnessed:

A 53% INCREASE in the visibility of their Profile Page.
A remarkable 379% leap in clicks to the PADI eLearning product description pages.
A 184% boost in web traffic being referred to their website from their PADI profile page.

This data provides food for thought. The overall average 379% increase in clicks to the PADI eLearning product description pages indicates that PADI Members can reap immediate positive results just by filling out their DSL profile, irrespective of whether they sell their products via PADI Adventures. Concurrently, selling a full PADI course online via PADI Adventures amplifies revenue opportunities, enabling the acquisition of new divers and enhancing customer lifetime value.

By self-managing your DSL profile and adding a ‘BOOK NOW’ button through your PADI Adventures listings, you can significantly increase your dive shop’s visibility and attract more customers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Join the growing number of dive shops already benefiting from the PADI Adventures platform. Complete your profile, list your services, embrace the power of PADI’s digital ecosystem, and start boosting your revenue.

PADI Adventures in a Nutshell

110,000+ – App downloads since launch.
70% – PADI Adventures bookings completed via desktop browsing.
12,000 – people booked on PADI Adventures
Main Source of Bookings – search results that lead consumers to Dive Guides pages.
Top Pages Visited by Non-Divers and Occasional Divers – Dive Guides and the Dive Sites Locator are the top pages on Google, where the typical PADI Adventures booking begins.
700+ – Dive Guides already online, generating 2 million pageviews and over 950,000 organic sessions.
Scuba Diving Online Bookings – Demand is steadily increasing across all regions.
1,100+ – Dive shops selling online via PADI Adventures, with at least one published product, spanning over 80 countries.
7,100+ – Products currently bookable online.
53% – PADI Adventures bookings are for beginner courses.
12% – Repeat bookings from the same customers who book activities in different locations or with the same dive shop, worldwide.
PADI Adventures Widget – Early adopters of this online booking engine have seen a 15% increase in bookings. It takes just 10 minutes to embed it on your website!

In conclusion, PADI Adventures is an excellent tool for diving businesses to grow and boost their revenue. The platform’s popularity is evident in the steadily increasing demand for online scuba activity bookings across different regions. With over 110,000 app downloads, millions of pageviews, and thousands of products bookable online, PADI Adventures facilitates an efficient and seamless booking experience. The notable 15% increase in bookings for early adopters of the PADI Adventures Widget further underscores its efficacy. Hence, for dive shops seeking to expand their reach and boost their bookings, embracing PADI Adventures should be a strategic priority.

Reach out to the PADI Adventures Team to be an Active Part of Our Mutual Success

The PADI Adventures Team welcomes Members’ inquiries and is available for B2B assistance. Would you like to grow your business via the enhanced PADI digital ecosystem? Reach out to our recently expanded team entirely focused on PADI Adventures Onboarding and Development.

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