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Dr. Drew Richardson, CEO & President of PADI, Recognized as a 2023 NOGI Award Fellow

The CEO and President of PADI®,  Dr. Drew Richardson, recently received the prestigious 2023 NOGI Award for Sports & Education from the Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences. 

NOGI Awards are presented annually by the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (AUAS) to undersea luminaries and are considered the “Oscar of the Ocean World.”

The selection of recipients is based on their record of accomplishments and excellence in advancing work related to the undersea world. NOGI awards are given out to world-class standouts of the diving community who have distinguished themselves and made a positive impact on diving in one or more of five general categories: Science, Arts, Sports & Education, Environment and Distinguished Service.

Prior recipients include James Cameron, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Bob Ballard, Michelle and Howard Hall, Dr. Tom Neuman, Dr. Enric Sala, astronauts Scott Carpenter and Dr. Michael Gernhart, Lloyd Bridges and Jean-Michel Cousteau among many others.

Dr. Richardson’s life work was recognized in the Sports & Education award category for his decades-long career and positive influence on diving. “I have dedicated my life to advancing aquatic exploration, training, safety and conservation for divers and the dive industry,” says PADI’s CEO. “I am honored to be a 2023 NOGI Award recipient”.  

Dr. Richardson’s half-century of influence and experiences span the globe, combining many varied diving modalities and environments, including dives in extreme conditions, like Antarctica.

“Divers and dive professionals are a local force for good our blue planet needs around the globe,” continues Dr. Richardson. “I believe in a greater vision of empowering them to be both successful undersea explorers and adventure seekers, along with having a dynamic global role in creating meaningful and positive ocean change as Torchbearers.”

Dr. Richardson was honored at the 2023 NOGI Awards Gala, which took place in conjunction with the 2023 DEMA Show in New Orleans, Louisiana.      

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