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Video: Garmin Descent MK2i and T1 Transmitter Range Test

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Range test of the Garmin T1 Transmitter connected to the Garmin Descent Mk2i.

Ideally, this test would have been completed on a sea dive with another diver using the transmitter, but Lockdown 2.0, weather, and the time of year put paid to that – besides, there won’t be another transmitter available in the UK until they launch for sale towards the end of November 2020.

Four test runs in the pool – One achieved 7m, while the other three reached 10m each. To save you the bore of watching all four of them I’ve just included two of the tests.

Although massively surprised at how well the Shearwater Teric did. Keep your eyes peeled for more videos on the Descent Mk2i coming very soon!

For more information on London School of Diving, and Mike’s Dive Store check out the following links

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Garmin Descent Mk2

Garmin Descent Mk2i

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